Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreaming of spiritual cages

Have you had dreams where you saw yourself or someone else in a cage, a prison, a pit or any place that you were unable to get out of?

Such dreams represents spiritual cages. A spiritual cage operates just like how a cage in reality would operate. The purpose of anyone being locked away in a cage is to restricted its movement and mobility. To deprive that person of its freedom, opportunities etc.

Therefore a spiritual cage is where some personal belonging have been retrieved unknowingly from an individual and those items which represents that individual; a curse has been placed on those items by a witch or warlock. Those curse items or a voodoo doll representing the victim is placed in a physical cage, Now, even though the process is being done physically its basically applying the same principals when one takes communion at their church. The spiritual implications of the communion is that the bread represents the body of Christ and the wine is symbolic of the blood of Jesus Christ. However, scripture clearly if we eat and drink unworthily we could possible become sick or bring about death on ourselves.

Well, from that point forward the victims who is spiritually caged will begin to experience major setbacks and delays in their life. Such persons will isolate themselves from others and begin to behave in an abnormal and strange and way. The victim would appear as if they are in another world or under a spell (which in reality they really are under a spell). These people can see others participating in freedom, and prosperity but they themselves will never participate in such activities. In fact the movement and freedom of the victim is solely dependent on the person who is controlling their spiritual cage.

Many folks are unaware that persons that are addicted to drugs especially if their drugs have been laced these folks are in fact spiritually caged. For the record the power behind the person whose drugs have been laced is WITCHCRAFT!

My friend, if the lord have revealed to you someone in a dream that you saw in a cage or even yourself, please take such a dream serious because the dream is revealing the mystery behind your misery.

Ask God to break the spiritual pad lock on that spiritual cage that you have been placed in or you saw someone else placed in. Remind the lord of his word in Joel 2:25, to restore you or that person all that you've lost during your tenure in that spiritual cage. Finally ask God who is the supreme judge of the universe to bring that person that has had you caged to answer to the court room of heaven for illegally imprisoning you in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen!

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing