Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreams concerning your job

If you have had dreams where folks in your work group are playing tug-of-war against you then whoever those folks are in your dream are the folks that are covertly working against you.

If you have had a dream where you work identification was discovered in a co-workers bag or at their workstation, then the dream is indicating that either the person that has your ID or a co-worker is jealous of you and desires to undermine your position.

If you dreamt you were sitting in you Boss's chair at work, the dream is now revealing promotion for you. If someone from your workplace is cutting your hair if you're a woman then that person or someone on the job is attempting to disgrace or undermine you. If you're a man and someone on your job is cutting your hair, then the dream is revealing that someone is attempting to challenge your ability to do your job.

If you had a dream where either your Boss or co-workers were on the job observing you either on a computer or monitor, then the dream is revealing that you are being secretly monitored on the job. If you have had dreams where you were locked out of your personal office or your office building, then you dream is revealing either a demotion or you being fired!

If you are having repeated dreams about your workplace especially if the contents of your dreams are basically the same. in every dream, then your dreams are confirmation of what have been established spiritually and will be manifested physically. Your dream could also be repeating itself because the dream fails to comprehend the message the dream is attempting to reveal. If you've had dreams where a known enemy on your job is either feeding you or giving you food then, know for sure that your dream is now revealing that that particular co-worker is engaging in witchcraft practices to fight you. In other words, they're fighting you in the spirit that's causing the strange happenings on your job in the natural. Such occurrences would be, making silly mistakes on the job. Then there's the weird experience of rejection from co-workers and superiors who you once share a good relationship with. One of the more noticeable signs of sorcery in the workplace working against you would be that in spite of your qualifications, you'll always be overlooked when its time for promotion. In fact, those that are less qualified will be promoted over you.

Unfortunately, most of my consultations with folks concerning their dreams and spiritual warfare are normally concerning witchcraft in the workplace. I have personally witnessed the lives of many who once held major positions and authority at their places of employment suffered disgrace, demotion, and complete rejection by their superiors all because they were ignorant of the challenges the were unknowingly facing spiritually. Of course, when they do decide to meet with me and I explain what is happening to them is entirely spiritual they reject my counsel only to be completely destroyed and lose it all in the end.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing