Monday, June 1, 2015

Dreams that indicates disgrace

If you had dreams where you saw your living grand parents in compromising positions then the
dream could be revealing the curse of disgrace on the family. Other dreams that will indicate disgrace would be dreams where you see yourself naked in your dreams or you saw others naked in your dream, which would indicate disgrace for that person. A more common symbol symbol among women would be someone cutting your hair in a dream or a woman's head being shaved bald in a dream.

For example, lets say you say your living grand father getting naked in a public area or you saw your living grand mother walking with a bald head. Again, such dreams are revealing a generational curse of disgrace on that family.

The evidence in reality of such dreams in reality; is that this family will be prune for embarrassment, shame and being totally rejected by others for no reason at all. It will be normal for this family to accompanied with negative trends among its members such as drug addiction to or anything that would cause them to live under sub-human conditions.

Another sign of this spirit of disgrace as a result of such dreams would be manifested whereby, the women in this family will have children for multiple fathers , the family will be plague with multiple divorces , the men also in this family will have multiple children with different women. Two of the  most prevalent signs in these family members would be anger and impatience that will always conclude in disgrace. It is the culmination of these two forces that's spiritually implemented in the members of this family that makes it very easy for the spirit of disgrace to manipulate this family to bring continued shame and dishonor to this family.

As usual a fast must be administered accompanied with relevant scriptures praying specifically to break the curse of disgrace.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing