Monday, June 1, 2015

Homosexual/Lesbian dreams

Many folks become very much alarmed after experiencing a dream where they were either a
homosexual/Lesbian in a dream or they saw someone in their dream that were a Homosexual/Lesbians.

Again, as long as we stick to the principles of dream interpretation we would quickly realize that the actions, colors, numbers, and other contents of a dream are just symbols of a far more reaching spiritual implications.

Having dreams where you appear to be a Homosexual/Lesbian is revealing to the dreamer that in reality they are pretending to be something that they're not. It is the same if someone that they're familiar with appears to be a Homosexual/Lesbian in their dream. The dream is clearly revealing that these folks are not being genuine or real in their real life affairs

In cases where the dreamer or the person that they are dreaming about is in fact homosexual/Lesbian then the dream is revealing that these folks are being oppressed and influenced by the spirit of Homosexuality/Lesbianism. So deliverance can only be achieved with an all out attack specifically against this spirit and not the person. The person is unknowingly just a puppet to this spirit.

Minister: Kevin L A Ewing