Monday, June 1, 2015

Kissing in a dream

Many years ago while I was in my early 20's I use to constantly have dreams where  I saw my then girlfriend always kissing some guy. What was even more challenging about the dreams was the fact that I was always able to observing them but they could never see me in the dream.

I would later learn that I was betrayed by her in reality. It would be years later that understanding and clarity would come to me concerning the dream. First of all kissing in a dream carries two meanings and they are if it's a good dream it represents agreement and covenant 1 Peter 5:14 . If it's a bad dream it would represent betrayal and deceit Proverbs 27:6 . for example when Judas betrayed Jesus, it was the kiss that he gave Jesus that was a sign to the Romans soldiers to identify who Jesus was.

I mentioned that even though I saw my then girlfriend kissing this guy but they could not see me, this part of the dream was revealing spiritual insight. In other words I was being made privy to things from a spiritual perspective that I would not have know under normal circumstances.

If you are having such dreams ask God to provide you with natural evidence as confirmation to your dream so that you can make a sound decision, concerning the confirmation of your dream.

Written By: Kevin L A Ewing