Monday, June 1, 2015

Spiritual sickness in a dream

Let's say you had a dream and in this dream you saw the shape of some creature crawling under your skin. Well, your dream is revealing that you're being afflicted by witchcraft manipulation specifically towards your health.

This interpretation would be the same if you saw your self eating living insects, drinking dirty water or eating in a dream.

Spiritual sickness would also be indicated by your dream if someone you do not know in your dream was forcing you to eat something such as soup or any type of food that appear to be something but when you bit into it it turns out to be roaches, spiders creepy crawly creatures. Such dreams are pointing to the fact that someone is not Only working witchcraft against you but specifically your HEALTH!

Again, in reality the dreamer would begin to experience strange pains around their neck and shoulders, scratches on certain parts of their body that did not existed prior to the dreamer going to bed. Swelling of the legs or other parts of the body, however if this person was to visit the Doctor to examine the problem the Doctors would be unable to diagnose the victim.

One of the most common signs of witchcraft manipulation in regards to spiritual sickness is the fact that the victim if they are a female will always feel as if others can smell feminine odors coming from their private parts. The truth is, there are evil spirits assigned to this person to spiritually produce such scents whereby only the victim can smell, but the victims is convinced that everyone around them can smell this foul feminine odor.

Such a person will begin to isolate themselves from friends and family and begin to spend just about every dollar they would have made on Doctors to rid themselves of the mysterious scent....... Trust me this person needs deliverance!

Written By: Kevin l a Ewing